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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Day 5 of 365 - Time to get healthy

Todays's Picture - My Shopping list for tomorrow ...

I have started a shopping list for tomorrow (our weekly shop night) of things I want to buy to kick start my new healthy eating .... from Friday !! I've decided the worse day to start something like this is a Monday .... its so long till the weekend and you think - ooooo I'll be naughty then - I want to be good at weekends too so if I start on Friday I'm hoping it encorages me to keep it up through the weekend (as its nearer) - make sense ?? clear as mud ?? I thought so LOL - But hey it makes perfect sense to me and I think it will help me stick to my new goal of eating healthy and trying to shed some lbs !!!

On the list .....

Carrot Sticks - if I buy the carrots and have to peel and chop them myself - i wont bother so i'm cheating and buying them pre done LOL

Ryvita an Philidelphia - Crackers and soft cheese - great for lunch or an evening snack

Flavoured Mayo - I've seen lemon, garlic and roasted tomato flavors - great for dipping my carrot sticks in !!

Apples - Need to eat more fruit and apples is a good start right ?

Crabsticks and Rocket - Great for a little salad at lunchtime or in a sandwich

Brown Bread - to make the afore mentioned sandwich

Water - To put in my water cooler in the fridge door - no more Coke or ribena for me !!

Flavoured teas - Need to cut down on the coffee and more importantly the amount of full fat milk or creamer that i use to make it yummy LOL

Phew ........ Thats it for now - baby steps right ??

I will buy veggies to go with dinners too and low fat dinners rather than naughty ones but thats another post for another day !!