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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Day 5 of 365 - Time to get healthy

Todays's Picture - My Shopping list for tomorrow ...

I have started a shopping list for tomorrow (our weekly shop night) of things I want to buy to kick start my new healthy eating .... from Friday !! I've decided the worse day to start something like this is a Monday .... its so long till the weekend and you think - ooooo I'll be naughty then - I want to be good at weekends too so if I start on Friday I'm hoping it encorages me to keep it up through the weekend (as its nearer) - make sense ?? clear as mud ?? I thought so LOL - But hey it makes perfect sense to me and I think it will help me stick to my new goal of eating healthy and trying to shed some lbs !!!

On the list .....

Carrot Sticks - if I buy the carrots and have to peel and chop them myself - i wont bother so i'm cheating and buying them pre done LOL

Ryvita an Philidelphia - Crackers and soft cheese - great for lunch or an evening snack

Flavoured Mayo - I've seen lemon, garlic and roasted tomato flavors - great for dipping my carrot sticks in !!

Apples - Need to eat more fruit and apples is a good start right ?

Crabsticks and Rocket - Great for a little salad at lunchtime or in a sandwich

Brown Bread - to make the afore mentioned sandwich

Water - To put in my water cooler in the fridge door - no more Coke or ribena for me !!

Flavoured teas - Need to cut down on the coffee and more importantly the amount of full fat milk or creamer that i use to make it yummy LOL

Phew ........ Thats it for now - baby steps right ??

I will buy veggies to go with dinners too and low fat dinners rather than naughty ones but thats another post for another day !!


  1. Wow well done you! I'll start mine when we've finally got rid of all the chocolate etc still laying around - if I try to do it now it'll never work...I have ZERO will power lol!

    Good luck with it hun! xx

  2. A great start on any day! Doesn't matter which day you choose ;)

  3. Good luck with it all hun!! I hope that you succeed!! I am in the same boat at the moment I just don't have the will power just yet!! Hopefully soon!!!

  4. Ditto my willpower sucks :( well for dieting it does but good on you for giving it a go & you will succeeddd :D x x

  5. I completely agree with not starting on a "normal set day". I have done so much better dropping a pound here and there by focusing more on healthy portions than anything else. You can do it, we can do it!!!!!!!

  6. Love the shot of the shopping list. I don't think I could dare do that, cause my list is a mixture of German and English, whichever is the shorter word gets on my list, people would think I had lost it! The joys of being bi-lingual!
    Have fun with the healthy eating, it really isn't as bad as it sounds (I'm trying to convince myself too!)