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Friday, 10 December 2010

What Is Project 365 ??

In basic terms Project 365 is where you share a photo every day for a year.

A visual diary to chronicle your year.

What is Project 365 to me .......

Its easy to remember the big things - A Party, A Summer Holiday, A Special Birthday, and Christmas for example. I want to also remember the small day to day events that can easily be forgotten about - not just images but things people may say or things they may do that cannot be captured on film.

I plan on taking the photo a day everday for a year but also want to update this blog with my personal rambles and even a quote from time to time that inspires me - be it a profound word or two or something funny and quirky.

My Project 365 will share not just photos of my Son, Husband, Mum, Dad, maybe sometimes even me!!! But also things I may stumble on that I'd like to capture, maybe what we have for dinner, a shopping trip .... who knows what the lens will find !! Also I'll write about things Ty may say or do that I dont want to forget. I think I will learn alot about myself and share alot with any readers/followers I have too !!

I'm looking forward to January 1st 2011 and the rest of that coming year xx

I may post again before my "Official Start Day" so I can get used to doing this daily !!

Wish me luck and I hope you stop by from time to time xx

((HUGS)) Vicky xx