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Friday, 10 December 2010

What Is Project 365 ??

In basic terms Project 365 is where you share a photo every day for a year.

A visual diary to chronicle your year.

What is Project 365 to me .......

Its easy to remember the big things - A Party, A Summer Holiday, A Special Birthday, and Christmas for example. I want to also remember the small day to day events that can easily be forgotten about - not just images but things people may say or things they may do that cannot be captured on film.

I plan on taking the photo a day everday for a year but also want to update this blog with my personal rambles and even a quote from time to time that inspires me - be it a profound word or two or something funny and quirky.

My Project 365 will share not just photos of my Son, Husband, Mum, Dad, maybe sometimes even me!!! But also things I may stumble on that I'd like to capture, maybe what we have for dinner, a shopping trip .... who knows what the lens will find !! Also I'll write about things Ty may say or do that I dont want to forget. I think I will learn alot about myself and share alot with any readers/followers I have too !!

I'm looking forward to January 1st 2011 and the rest of that coming year xx

I may post again before my "Official Start Day" so I can get used to doing this daily !!

Wish me luck and I hope you stop by from time to time xx

((HUGS)) Vicky xx


  1. Wishing you all the best with this endeavor Vicky! It is a challenge for certain, but a truly rewarding one.

    I'm almost done for 2010 and can't really believe I did it. I had to give myself a break when I didn't get to post everyday, but felt a real sense of satisfaction when I got my shot. I cannot wait to get all the shots taken. I'm going to use this to print my first ever photobook

  2. Thanks so much Judy xx
    great idea with the photo book !!

  3. Good luck, Vicky!! I had a photobook printed for 2009, have printed my own for 2010 and am thinking of going back to a photobook for 2011. They're so much fun to look back on!!

  4. I'm thinking of printing weekly layouts xx